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King, Barry White, Marian Anderson, Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand, Art Garfunkel, Marvin Gaye, Beyonc, Alice Fredenham, Nick Cave, Alicia Keys Honorable Mention: Paul Robeson, K. Lang, Adele, Nat King Cole, Michael Mc Donald, Michael Crawford, Johnny Cash, Jason Mraz, Jackie Evancho, Mariah Carey, Karen Carpenter, Michael Bubl, Cat Stevens, Rick Astley, Josh Groban, Frank Sinatra, James Taylor, Bing Crosby There is, of course, a difference between a great song and a great vocal performance. He was nicknamed the "Beale Street Blues Boy," which was eventually shortened to "Blues Boy," then to the initials B. The Top Ten Frontmen and Frontwomen: Little Richard, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley, James Brown, Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Prince, Robert Plant Honorable Mention: Jon Bon Jovi, Bono, Bon Scott, David Bowie, Boy George, Alice Cooper, David Coverdale, Eric Burdon, Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain, Roger Daltrey, Bruce Dickinson, Ronnie James Dio, Joe Elliot, Aretha Franklin, Peter Gabriel, Lady Gaga, Rob Halford, Sammy Hagar, Debbie Harry, James Hetfield, Chrissie Hynde, Joan Jett, Elton John, Brian Johnson, John Lennon, Jerry Lee Lewis, Madonna, Bob Marley, Paul Mc Cartney, Meatloaf, Jim Morrison, Stevie Nicks, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Perry, Iggy Pop, Axl Rose, Diana Ross, David Lee Roth, Johnny Rotten, Grace Slick, Bruce Springsteen, Gwen Stefani, Sting, Geoff Tate, Tina Turner, Steven Tyler, Ann Wilson Talent Show Superstars Aaliyah (Star Search, age 10), Christina Aguilera (Star Search winner, age 8), Clay Aiken (American Idol runner-up), David Archuleta (Star Search winning junior vocalist, age 12, then American Idol runner-up at age 16), Backstreet Boys (Star Search), Fantasia Barrino (American Idol winner), Beyonc (Star Search, age 12), Susan Boyle (BGT, age 48), Kelly Clarkson (American Idol's first winner), Destiny's Child (Star Search), Chris Daughtry (American Idol), Jackie Evancho (AGT, age 10), Sam Harris (Star Search), Jennifer Hudson (American Idol), Alan Jackson (You Can Be a Star), Adam Lambert (American Idol runner-up and Queen frontman), Miranda Lambert (Nashville Star, age 20), Leona Lewis (X Factor UK), Katherine Mc Phee (American Idol runner-up), Alanis Morissette (Star Search, age 14), One Direction (The X Factor UK, created by the judges), Pentatonix (The Sing-Off), Kellie Pickler, Pittbull (Star Search), Alisan Porter (after wowing Star Search at age 5, she went on to win The Voice USA as an adult), Le Ann Rimes (Star Search), Sawyer Brown (Star Search), Nicole Scherzinger (Popstars), Jessica Simpson (Star Search), Jordin Sparks (American Idol winner, age 17), Britney Spears (Star Search, age 11), Justin Timberlake (Star Search, age 11), Carrie Underwood (American Idol winner, with 65 million records sold), Usher (Star Search, age 13), Trisha Yearwood (You Can Be a Star) What Were The Judges Thinking? (#10) Christina Grimmie finished third on The Voice, but put out five albums and more than 20 singles before dying prematurely at age 22.

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The seven-point summary, called Building a Britain Fit for the Future, was prepared by senior Downing Street aides for ministers and backbenchers to head off accusations of political drift...

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Each year I waited for courtship to start working and for my homeschool friends to start getting married. The whole point of courtship was to have a happy marriage, not a high divorce rate.